Tear'n it up with King Muni-Man


I haven’t shared much about my or my my sons Muni riding this summer, but today was just one of those days that I have to share with all of you.

I came home after a so, so day of work and asked my son King Muni-Man if he wanted to go for a ride. He declined because he had a friend visiting so I went alone. My ride was one of those rides that went very well. I’ve been working on my Muni riding technique lately and it’s been improving at a noticable pace. Today I was hopping over things and riding all kinds of terrain effortlessly. Wahoo!

After I came home, my son King Muni-Man was out in our back yard. He called to me and said, “Papa! Papa! I can hop! I can hop! Come see!!”. I peeked out the window figuring I would see him holding on to our deck and jumping up and down a little bit. Instead what I saw was him riding across the lawn towards the house and then, doink! He did a rolling hop and got at least an inch off the ground. I was so surprised I just blurted out, “Yea! That was great!” quite loudly. He then did what all six year olds do when they get ultimate praise and approval from their parents, he grinned the biggest grin I’ve ever seen and promptly upd’d flat on his face- but he was still smiling! :smiley:

I just had to share. I never expected him to be able to hop, much less do a rolling hop. It was a proud moment for both of us.


Hi Jason,
I enjoy hearing stories of King Muni Man. It makes me wish I had taught my son to ride at an earlier age.

The other day I was getting ready to go for a MUni ride and my son (who just turned 15 yesterday) asked "what park are you going to?". I was going to Markham Park which is the nearest but by far the toughest set of MTB trails we have down here. Usually when he hears that he just says "have a good time" and I ride alone. It's a hard ride and really hot, so when he said he wanted to go, I was pleasantly suprised.

We hit the trails and were doing fine, the first few sections are sort of a warm-up, intermediate level trails. Then we hit the hard core stuff. After the first few sections, he said he was really tired and I suggested we take a short rest. He replied " I think I’d rather ride back and wait in the car".

 I continued on alone. But I didn't make him wait too long. When I got back, he was riding around near the trailhead, doing some light trials stuff. I've got to toughen that boy up  :D

Hi Frank,

I think it will be great to ride with my son when he’s a teenager. I suspect by then that he’ll be riding circles around me -err and over me. :wink:

Are you interrested in an extra pair of KH 170mm cranks for your son’s KH24 wheelset? They’re free if you think you’d like to have them.


It sound like you’re really having fun.
I hope my kids will take up unicycling some day.

Ever since the moose story, I check out all updates on King Muni Man.

My 7yr old son is riding now. I just rigged my Monty for him. It looks funny since the seat is only 3 inches from the tire!

Interestingly, he finds the Monty more fun and easier to ride than his 16" freestyle.

Proportionally speaking, when he rides the Monty it looks like a Coker on him.

Hopefully we will all ride together someday, and yes, our kids WILL be riding circles around us.


That is just so cool! You’re a lucky man, but then you probably know that already. Keep the updates coming.


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