So, I don’t really pay that much attention to the unicycling community, but I do check the message board off and on and get involved in a lot of stuff when it’s going down, and recently after not really checking the boards in a few months come back and all of a sudden everyone has a “team”. I for one do not get this phenomenon and think that teams are lame. However, for the most part I just don’t get it. Many questions come to mind, mostly “wtf” though. It’s not really the idea of a team, Dan mentioned it briefly one time and I thought it was cool, but just the fact that everyone has a team is kind of weird. So, please discuss teams/your team/goats here, and I would have assumed there already would be a thread for this but I searched and couldn’t find anything. And remember, technically Hell On Wheel came up with the idea before anyone. BAM!

My teams:

Team J’ville Cycles- the bike shop that sponsors me- I’m the only unicyclist

Team they supported me in my 24hr ride, and they usually sponsor a team or two at the 12hr/24hr Mountainbike events

Team NZUNI- NZ riders riding overseas seem to have attached themselves to this name

Re: Teams

YOUR WRONG!!! they were like a year after Muni Militia

PS. even i never start a sentence with And.



i thought i was probably mistaken since i would assume there are a lot of old freestyle teams and stuff. john foss could probably enlighten us…

As far as I’m concerned, I’m part of a “team” sponsored by a jugglery/kite/unicycle/mountainboard… shop. I’m the only unicyclist, others are mountain boarders.
this allows me to scratch my Tshirts and get some new ones, get some free parts for my unis and even test some protos (like the Koxx One Devil)…
The least I can do is mentionning my team when talking to the unicyclist community (even if I very few english-speaking people know this french shop).

It’s certainly pure self-satisfaction but I like beeing part of a team (and claming it :wink: )

I am not part of a team, and I am not sponsored.

But I think being part of a team (I know some HOW members, and the founder very well) gives the feeling of ‘beloging together’. Also I’m sure it pushes the people’s limits and they develop regular habits like ‘team meetings’ and stuff like that.

I’m not against the idea of teams. I don’t like the slogans they sometimes use (we are the best, don’t even think of competing with us bla bla) [No offense to anybody, especially not HOW, where I’ve never ever seen such a slogan].


In fact ‘wrong’ can be used as a noun so ‘your wrong’ is not in itself wrong therefore is the mistake with the reader or the writer? :thinking:

Capital letters should be used for the personal pronoun “I” and initial letters of proper nouns.

At this point, s7ev0 eats shoots and leaves…

Hmmm. Not much in the way of teams. When we go to Unicon we have national teams, even if we don’t train or organize as a team. When we get there, all the people from one country are on that “team.”

We have Group Freestyle, so the people in each group can think of themselves as teams, but it’s not a word we really use. I think most people think of themselves as groups.

Then there are unicycle clubs, who think of themselves as clubs. Even if they’re disorganized clubs, like the Gold Country Unicyclists, who don’t do much as a group.

To have a team, implies you have a sport or other place where your team represents itself against other teams. We have basketball and hockey teams. There are no teams in traditional unicycle racing, except national teams.

But there have been teams of unicyclists who entered bicycle events. I am honored to have been a member of Team Cyclops, who ride in the 24 Hours of Adrenaline at Laguna Seca every year. I love my Team Cyclops jersey. But outside of a team competition event, I don’t see the point of being a team.

This includes being sponsored, to a point. If you are a member of a bike (or other) team with a common sponsor, that’s a fully legit team, even if you never do any kind of competition with the rest of your team. But just saying you have a team, for no apparent reason, seems to have no apparent reason.

eats a can of paint

it’s interesting that so many people are actually sponsored. i’m thinking of trying to get sponsored by someone since i desperately need a new street/trials/flatland uni and don’t have the money to buy one, but i doubt anyone local would be able to supply me with that. any ideas…? i plan on making a short video soon and i was thinking to use it like a sponsor video.

Team Unicycle PA from Lansdale, PA. Check out some videos. And yes we are newbies
Leave us some feedback…


Team Primitive (sorry about spelling)
Dan, Brian, Jess, Mike, Saban, and another. Some of the most known riders out there.
Team “Hell oh wheel”
No nothing about them, except for the hell on wheel vids. Don’t know their people though.
Team Hazard
Keaton Miller, Dallas Miller, Matt Markel, And Myself. Just the local riders around here. We’ve got some skill. Ha.

-Shaun Johanneson

Im on team M.U.N.I(montana unicycling nutcase institoution :roll_eyes: ).consiting of me,my brother,my friend,and his friend.

I think that sums it up in a nutshell. In the context of sport teams are usually understood to be involved in competition. If you don’t compete then you basically have a club, group , gang or whatever you want to call it.

That being said, the general definition of a team is a group of individuals organized to work together to accomplish a specific objective. That objective may be to compete in events, to promote unicycling (Demo teams) or simply to get better at riding.

I’ve been invovled with the following teams on a unicycle:

Team J’ville Cycles- competing at a 12hr mountain bike race against other teams of cyclists.

Team competing at various 12hr/24hr Mountainbike events against other teams of cyclists, also long distance racing as part of a relay team.

Team NZUNI- competing at Unicon (although for hockey and basketball we usually end up combining with Australia).

i have also been thinking about trying to get ‘sponsored’. How exactly did those of you who are ‘sponsored’ go about getting ‘sponsored’?

I tend to say I’m “in” a unicycle team when I’m taling to non riders who want to know what i do on a uni. Then I will claim to being in the UK unicycle team and goalie for the Uk Unicycle Hockey team, at some point in the past I have belonged to the Thames valley Uni Hockey team and team muni and the factory team ( for the Mountain mayhem). Now i will lay claim to the South West Uni hockey team, even tho that team only exsised at BUC last year for the duration of the hockey comp. It helps people understand that this sport is real and gives an idea of the numbers taking part.


Teams, huh? Well, the OneWheelNinjaSquad, which is incredibly cheesy, began with me, my brother, and a couple friends deciding we needed a name for our group of uni people, so that when somebody asks where are our other wheels, we can gang beat them with swords. You need a gang to gang beat somebody, and ninjas have swords, besides being completely awesome. It’s a cheesy “team”, and doesn’t really count. We have no truly awesome skills, except for my brother’s ability of riding straight up 6 stairs…

I think teams are a good idea, it gives people who ride together a reason to do so, recruit more people, etc. etc.

Hey Mike what happened to your website? I would check it out occasionally but now there is something that is not by you guys. I have learned to ride too. I wore out my first unicycle and have gotten a better one. Vaughn is starting to learn as well. If you start a new site let me know. My E-mail is

our team has a pet goat. his name is Billy, and he eats lots of grass. the lawn kind, not the psychedelic kind.

no, seriously. anyway, anyone in the Most Replys Inner Scrotum is part of the MR Unicycling Team, and that doesn’t actually mean anything, we just did it because everyone else was doing the team thing, and the Most Replys gang is like a team.