Team Unicycle Max - Episode 3

Ever since Ride The Lobster, Team Unicycle Max has made it a point to get together once a year for a different unicycle adventure. I just finished the video for our 3rd annual ride last year in Arizona. We rode about 20 miles around Flagstaff and then drove out to The Grand Canyon the next day and rode 25 miles along the rim out to Hermit’s Rest and back. It was really funny to see tourists take their cameras away from the beautiful canyon and point them at 3 goofy unicyclists passing through. Let me know what you think.

“No cycling. Unicycles okay.” – Cycling? I’d have said ‘No bicycles’. :slight_smile:

Caution! There’s a story recorded in these here forums about Jamey Mossengren and a couple of guys from Denmark getting some hefty tickets for riding on the Bright Angel Trail! If your group stayed on the paved roads you were probably 100% legal.

Nice video; makes me want to go back there.

We stayed on the paved paths and roads along the rim. We did spend a day doing a proper hike on a nice remote trail. It’s not hard to find a trail that’s away from the real touristy parts, and when you do it’s amazing. You feel like you’re the only one around for miles. Also a good spirit cleanser after being gawked at and photographed the day before.

“I would have said ‘bicycles’”??? Ok John, so you are the patriarch policeman here, I can assure you we were completely legal. I work at Grand Canyon National Park, so I have a lot of respect and knowledge of the Canyon and the regulations in place to preserve it. I think you forgot something, John, possibly the beer. It’s hell getting old, eh?