Team-Uni: First Unicycle Shop in Southeast Asia

Hello boys and girls,

The first ever unicycle-specific shop in Southeast Asia is now up and running at Team-Uni. We’re based in Singapore, have in stock various Qu-Ax unicycles and we ship to almost everywhere in the region.

The cheapest methods of shipping a unicycle to say nearby Malaysia would cost about US$17 and to Australia would cost US$28 just to get a good gauge of the price range across distance.

Team-Uni is a really small outfit so we haven’t got automated payment systems for now. Overseas orders will be paid through Paypal with payment made only when we’ve ascertained shipping costs and have your confirmation on that.

We’d be stocking up on APUC (Asia-Pacific Unicycle Championships) tees from the August event soon so anyone who missed the event can now pretend to have been part of it too. :slight_smile:

On a more personal note, I’ve just fixed up a Qu-Ax Zebra and am quite in love with it.