Team Spencer!

So who all is on team spencer. You should also put all the members on

I’m in it one way or another… Or at least I should be.

Ever since Team Forrest never got off the ground. We did have Team Forrest jerseys planned out though.

I joined while at NAUCC. Team Spencer is the only team worth being on.

I am on Team Spencer

The first official member i believe after the team captain of course… Spencer

I do know that Pele is also on the team.

Once we establish who’s been accepted into the team so far I have an excellent idea for us.

I cant wait, you should pm me , it may be the best news i hear all day

What do you have to do to join Team Spencer? Does having the name printed on your birth certificate qualify you for automatic Spencership?


i am a member of team spencer. i got in without having to go through the greuling initiation process:)

oooh I wanna be! can I can I can I? :smiley:

the only way to get on team spencer without the grueling initiation process is to get approval from spencer him self

How gruelling? It must be worth it though!

ever heard of hell week for navy seal…? worse then that

eek :astonished:

can there be bribes instead… less painful and gruelling.

the only person that can grant automatic teamship is of course the captain…


132 hours on end?


Makes sence actually lol

Team Spencer is an elite squad of unicyclists dedicated to the ongoing revival of amazing unicycling.

Of course, bribes are always welcome, especially in the form of large amounts of money.

Team Spencer to date:
Brian O.
Pele Schramm
Forrest Rackard
Matt Bunting
Sam Haber
Jerrick (confirmation?)
Wannabe: Zachary Wenner;)
Everyone else I forgot.

We should make stickers.

Affirmative. :slight_smile:

If I was on my comp right now I could make a logo, but thats gonna be another week or two.


i think i will remain as just , phil

from now on…


and i second the sticker motion

Woohoo! I’m in!