Team Riddim ( ride this week end)

Ride this week end! Sorry for the quality… :angry:

Team riddim!


Awesome, I loved it!

1:48 is just siiick!

This is my favorite of your videos, the edit was nice and the filming/locations were wayyy better. Riding was sick too, as always. :slight_smile:

If Shaun J did flatland, he’d have Ced’s style I think.

Mad tricks and yeah the trick Eli pointed out was wicked cool!

How old are you guys?

Thank’s for com’s
Ced 21
Geo 22
Noj 21

Nice. Is cool seeing older guys make so many videos.

Never seen the trick at :15 before, that was sick. Do you have a name for it?

gives me hope to get good at flat

No official name for the tricks, maybe reverse flip…

I can’t even see what you do :s can you explain it?

I make a no foot then with my left foot, i fire the pedale by down.
Sorry for my english

It looks like an over flip, but it’s kicked with the back foot :slight_smile:

looks like he does a no footer then does a crankflip but his is pulling it up instead of pushing it down. so the foot is under the pedal. thats what i saw.

Finally a really nice vid of you :smiley:
tricks and combos are sick like always :stuck_out_tongue: but the editing and music were also pretty good this time… :roll_eyes:

hi friend

this vedio is amazing … i relly like it…thanks for upload