Team Riddim ( Noj' and ced ) street Vidéo

street vidéo :


I think you could work on rolling out of tricks :wink:

Big stuff though. You’re crazy to try all of that :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow! Taking tricks like those off stair sets is insane! The fifthsideflip down the three set was awesome!

Just watching that makes me hurt haha

Sick stuff

i was really impressed by the amount of tricks you guys can pull off. pretty crazy.

but i dont know if… i enjoyed the video…

Really good tricks, and your edits are getting better. :slight_smile:

was this a joke?
i really don’t like their edit, i have to admit it
even if i’m really impressed by their skill, but yeah, a shorter video, with the best tricks of it landed cleaner, would make a so awesome vid…

:astonished: i dont know how you guys get back up after some of those bails! some really crazy riding in there. it was pretty awesome to watch i thought :slight_smile:

Definitely not the best edits, but a couple months ago their videos were nearly unwatchable :S

I agree with Bobousse, would have been great with a shorter video with the tricks landed a bit cleaner.

Maybe use a bit more time when it comes to editing and maybe invest in a better camera.

Great tricks though, those bails looked painful.

Keep it up!


Its borring watching a long video with bad edit and bad camera/camera work… But respect for those skills :smiley:

Enjoyed it. I didn’t think anything was wrong with the editing… seems fine for posting to a unicycle forum.

Street video 2001, is that a typo?
maybe 2010 or 2011?

Street video 2011.

I couldn’t stand the music or the “fade through black” transitions between every… single… shot…

I know everyone likes to see a nice shiney, clear, high def video and most seem to be criticising the edit understandably, but I actually liked the amateur feel of it. To use a few cliches it was gritty, rough and I felt the music complemented the style.

Obviously great skills, like Eli said, work on rolling out, everyone likes a bit of flow.

Look forward to your next video.


I thought I saw a K1 “Green Spirit” and “White Russian” uni’s in there! Are my eyes off?

No :slight_smile:
For me a green spirit with whell KH and moment + rollo
For Noj a green sprit with KH moment + rollo

i think they could definately work on some cleaner landings (even some of the ones you guys rolled out of were kinda sketchy riding lol). honestly, whats the point in doing tricks if you’re going to make such a sketchy ending to it? wheres the flow?
but ‘Big stuff’? where? i didnt see anything bigger than shoulder height.

also, people really need to start listening to better music. the same shitty rap music to every video nowadays is really killing me. from now on i refuse to watch any videos if they have the same shitty rap music.

anyway, it was still good to see some people going beyond those safe flat surfaces hahaha keep up the street, guys :slight_smile:

Blast! Foiled again!

Sorry guys, there wasn’t anything big in the video.

your bag of tricks just keep on getting better guys, progression is amazing…

as others have said, would be nice to see a shorter video with several takes of each clip to clean up the landings and flow.

But for what its trying to be -(a display of all the tricks you can do down/up the biggest things you can) it did a wonderful job.

keep up the awesome tricks :slight_smile: