Team riddim 2010

new video summer 2010 by team riddim Part1
Enjoy :slight_smile:

OH MY GOODNESS! This is one of my favorite videos already!

Some of the most creative street and flat I’ve ever seen, and certainly some huge tricks. :astonished:

Make more videos please!

That was awesome! Definitely the first time I have really enjoyed watching a street/flat video. More please!

4:02 is just awesome, along with the handflip, fifthback, and the super clean inward big sideflip. Awesome riding all around. Great creativity and style. Love it.

that vid was so awesome!
the riding was sweet and the editing was even sweeter!

very nive work :slight_smile: fifth 4 set ftw

Very nice riding and filming! the scenery was so nice :3

very cool video!awesome tricks and ridding.The land is beautiful.


Loved the vid. Handflip was sweet. Edit was very evocative