team koxx-one

Some interesting news,
I was checking out the koxx-one site.

if you look under teams - freestyle, you will see DAIKI IZUMIDA is part of team koxx-one freestyle, I guess sponsored by koxx-one!

its cool to see a new uni company sponsoring good riders!

Looks like Yoggi is sponsored by them, also.

Try-All/Koxx sponsors everyone. They have like 20 sponsored pro trials bikers.

Yoggi= koxx (in the unicycle part of the company)

Yea as Lutz said Yoggi is Koxx-one, this is what Roland ( says about Yoggi/Koxx-one
“If an absolutely crazy extrem unicyclist works together with an established Trialbike maker the output is special stuff.
Developed and tested by Yoggi, France most extrem unicycle rider.”

I was checking out the vids on the koxx-one site, and all their riders are pretty dam worthy of their sponsorship, so I wouldnt say they sponsor everyone

there has been abit of talk in the past few months about trials & street riders getting sponsored, and havnt heard of any freestylers getting sponsored. So i think its cool that the freestylers are also getting sponsor recognition. Are any other freestyle riders sponsored?

Yes, Yoggi went into partnership with Koxx to create Koxx one.

I dont know about Koxx, but Koxx-1 does not hand out sponsorship to just anyone - I should know :wink: