team keukly product

hi everyone
robzi and me did a vid after Xmas ,it’s a street vid, with trial sometimes
link to youtube

hope u enjoyed !

Nice 540 unispin! Awesome vid!
How did you get that “koxx-one font”?

Damn man that was nice! Nice hops and nice spins! If ya can get it a lil smoother that would be incredible!

That was awsome. That still stand was unbelivable.

I loved the 540 unispin:)

sorry, i don’t understand “font”

oh, he means the text… where you found the koxx text… koxx uses the same type of text in some vids


Great video, short sweet and to the point, I like that. I thought that stillstand would last forever!

I didn’t see any Koxx-1 text though…
That dafont website is awsome.

Me Gusta

Very cool! I liked it a lot.

Wow, that still stand was amazing! Are you sure you weren’t suspended by some invisble wire?

i liked it a lot!

the 540 unispin was sick!
the side hop to the ledge as huge too

hahaha at the music

c’est cho dans l’so-2

new video by robin,


he is very good. fine unispins

Great uniing in the first one, but I donl’t think the music fit with the type of riding though:o

This one the music fit better even though I couldn’t understand any of it. Looks like some of the footage was used in both.

I wish I could ride half as good as you guys.:o