Team Insania website

If you move to Melbourne they might…

jono you realise that by saying that you are poking fun at your own unicycling crew which you are supposed to be defending :stuck_out_tongue:

i will consider joining. do we get to battle gym leaders?

I think you’re all missing the big picture here.

Here you are blaming one another and keven when really, we should be out there… blaming brownboy!


I like the idea of giving us melbourneans a group name and stuff. I think magical power rings will be in order too.

But personally, I think the website’s a silly idea.

We’re not sponsored and we have nothing to offer online except for videos which aren’t released very often and would be more conveniently placed on the forums anyway.


PS. I just lost the game.

Yes to a group name (if only for a reason to say “yeah, i’m in team ‘Get F***ed’”). Yes to power rings. No to website. Yes to Adrian having an input even though he’s not in Team Insania.