Team Insania website

I sort of “invited” myself into Team Insania. I’m into web design, so I’ve offered to make a website for the “gang”, if I may.

Anything you guys would like to see on it? Still awaiting design requests from kev and luke…

Ok, just for those of you who don’t know (which is probably all of you) “Team Insania” is me(keven), Luke, Max Pfiefer and Ed Bell…and now I guess Jono here.

The video I made a few weeks ago(of me and luke) was sort of the first thing we did.

So, really Team Insania is just us melbourne riders, in a more “official” kind of light…or something. Whatever.

-peace out, keven

Awww, cute.

Ha Ha Ha!

Love it!

Ohhh da wittle fatties looking downward. Der so cute a dat wittle age. Awwwww. Cutie little cutie cute pies. I just wanna ake won and eat it allllll up. awwwww, just punch it in da wittle face. awww so cute.

-Shaun Johanneson

Hey are you Shaun j? I’ve seen your videos on youtube. Nice :slight_smile:

Haha, Yeah I’m Shaun J. haha. Probably not my best first impression is it? lol.

-Shaun Johanneson

p.s. Probably didn’t need my signature. But then again without it I couldn’t do a p.s. So yay for signatures.

p.s.s. “Hey you’re unique like everyone else” That’s really funny.

Hey all,
Just an update. Today kev (mawesome) and I got quite a lot done on the site. It’s gonna have the best of eds belly, mawesome, max_pheifer and president luke (if you dont know their real names.)

If you’d like to submit something or get involved, email me at

ps. Happy 100th Post :slight_smile:

make links to all the really usefull unicycling sites in one section, and the other w/e sites in another.

i come back from holidays and i am in a unicycling “krew”…

what is it and why am i in it?


i thought ed was joking when he told me.


i can do some web design.

Before you say anything, it was Luke’s idea. Blame him. Not Keven.

Basicly it just means that you ride…with us… like you usually do…

It also means you smell like bad cheese.

p.s. Blame Luke

yeah you guys have your Insania,
wait till team Tas(m)ania starts!

aww, i wanna join the club…

Where’re you from kid?

Max- like kev said, don’t look at me. It was luke’s idea. :smiley:

it used to be about the riding…

keven i blame you :stuck_out_tongue:

what are the advantages of being part of this team? do we get to go around and battle other unicycling crews?

You can battle whoever you want, I’m not gonna stop you.

The advantages are now we can say “we’re in some kind of crew”

Didn’t you here? This weekend we’re having a battle to the death with “Team Insomnia”.

lol. I like that name better.

Max, nobody’s forcing you to be in it. And the advantages are… We get a cool website.

Hey cool, can I join??

(If you say no it will break my heart)