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Our site now has a directory of uni information with more to come soon. We will have a full guide of everything to do with unicycling.

You can check it out here.
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Ya, you didn’t cover Muni, and some other stuffs. Also, lots of people just ride for a fun form of transportation.

Well I firstly I said that it wasn’t finished. Also Team Insania doesn’t do muniing, and what did the third one have anything to do with anything?!

If you have a site that says ‘the 3 styles of unicycling’ then it’s not surprising that people will moan about you missing out the other 3 or 4 obvious styles of unicycling.

You missed out muni, distance riding, commuting/getting around riding and plain old circus style riding whilst juggling.

Also you say ‘not only is freestyle a well known term in bmx’. Which is true. But doesn’t it mean something different? I think flatland in bmx is the same as freestyle unicycling. Freestyle bmxing is done on ramps too.


Yes I know there are a bajillion small types such as unicycling while eating icecream covered bananas, but I wanted to cover the 3 mainstream types.

Also, I didn’t write it :slight_smile: Go to “source” and complain to them.

They aren’t the 3 main types. They’re just 3 types that you guys happen to ride.

The main types of riding are for sure just riding around (by far), then muni (amongst adults) & trials (amongst mainly kids and a few adults) , hockey, and maybe freestyle in some countries. Street is just a cool name for riding trials fast and with flow, it’s kind of hard to see why it needs to be called something different.

It seems rather dumb of you to post on here seeking comments and then to moan at anyone who posts constructive advice.


You know, I think the site covering just those aspects is perfect. You don’t need anything else. I gurantee Muni, and juggle won’t spread unicycling anything like street and trials will. I disagree a bit with teh freestyle part, but if it’s right in the most then it’s fine. I would like to see street’s definition containing the fact that one should not hop, and it should be all movement (flow), once movement stops (hops) it becomes trials, or freestyle. Good street riders don’t hop.

-Shaun Johanneson

I feel discriminated haha, the three main styles? Shaun, you’re totally missing the point, street and trials might convince more people to ride but firstly I know plenty of people who got into riding just to do MUni or commuting so that’s a pretty shit argument. It’s not about convincing other people to ride, it says here as a fact that the three main styles are Trials, Street and Freestyle. How about road? There were 126 registered participants at the Marathon in Unicon I don’t call that a small group… Look at all the people who ride MUni, without Kris pushing MUni to its limits we might even not have had splined unicycles!

street might have more appeal to skaters and bmxers, but i know that more bikers appreciate muni. when i tell people i’ve ridden X trail on a unicycle, they freak out because it’s hard on a bike. if i told the same folks i did a 180 down a 7 stair set. they’d be like “oh that’s nice”. it all depends on who you’re dealing with.

Nothing wrong with a site for specific styles.

I just have a problem with the site calling those styles the 3 main types.

It’s misinformation.

Muni isn’t attractive to the largest group of potention people. Teens, yes adults may want to learn, and be attracted to the Muni part, but open minded teens to unicycling out number adults crazy like, (population increase helps too). Met this guy yesterday at my skatepark, he came from Minn. He said he has seen unicyclists before but not doing anything like i’m doing. I called them gym riders, he thought the style was lame. I laughed. One person doesn’t really man anything, but in that group most people would rather see trials/street over freestyle. (8 set jump looks more appealing than backwards coasting to a person with NO knowledge, at least they know the 8 set has a danger factor. We’re talking about the person doing either case succeeding.)

I think the unicycling world is a little bit weak. I like a lot of the people that ride (whether they like me, know not) but I wish people would have alittle more attitude and not be so nicey-nice fake like.

-Shaun Johanneson

I know you love me Shaun, and I love you too, but this isn’t about what style teens prefer, it’s about main styles of riding. I completely agree with you that street and trials looks more impressive than the other styles named above, a 6 foot gap will impress more than most freestyle tricks. Point is that there’s more than 3 main styles of riding.

I think that may be debatable. I do agree that most teens would want to learn about street, but for first getting a person’s attention to become interested in the sport I think would most likely be Muni. Anything that involves tricks might still have that “circusy” aspect to it in the eyes of the untrained.

Seeing professional videos of Kris Holm was the way that I became interested in the sport, and I think that’s the way you did too, right? Obviously our main interests don’t involve Muni at all, and I know that I personally find it hard to find current Muni as fresh and exciting to watch.

As for the internet site’s moderator, I seriosuly doubt that it will be that hard to write two sentences for three different style, or even simply add “we do” at the end of “The 3 styles of unicycling.”


True, but nothing else was really out there 6 years ago for me.

Rails? Just got to do the right trick, in the right area. lol

-Shaun Johanneson

Okay I’m gonna sort this out once and for all.

  1. It’s my site, I put whatever the damn hell I wanna put on it. When you start paying for it you can take over.

  2. There are three types of trick riding. Muni is semi-trick riding, not really though. And Team Insania isn’t interested in people who want to try and balance a pineapple on their head while idling and juggling.

  3. I’ve got the agreement from one of the best unicyclists on this forum. I think if anyone should know, it’s him.

  4. I asked for advice that didn’t involve going “waaah stop moaning waaaah. I’m trying to give advice here waaah.” I wanted advice from trick riders, not once-a-month-down-at-the-park riders.

Now stop being politically correct with all your “it should include every type of unicycling” because I don’t have enough bandwidth to fit every one in.

Haha I love how you’re being an ass and still changed the content ‘The 3 styles of unicycling’ instead of ‘The 3 main styles of unicycling’ no one ever mentioned trick riding so stop making a fool out of yourself man…

Now start being politically correct if you want people to actually visit your website. If I put ‘Street is done on 36" unicycles and the street hour record is 27.18km by Patrick Schmid’ then people are going to argue about it too, you’re giving misinformation and people thought it good to mention it so you can change it. Don’t ask for people’s opinions if you only want to hear good stuff.

‘Feel free to email us with any suggestions for content.’ Yeah right…

I’m not a big fan of misinformation.

For your types of unicycling maybe you should actually link to the page you are sourcing. I actually don’t even see “street” in wikipedias list of Main Types of Unicycling

I’m not saying that you need to include MUni or distance riding but don’t claim that there are only 3 types of riding.

For more proper refrence siting maybe try for your unicycling levels as this is the official website.

Just some constructive criticism, overall not a bad website.

Yes, no-one mentioned it. Apart from me. And you know why? Cos I’m the one who wrote the freaking site! If you want to learn about non-trick riding, google “unicycle non-trick riding”. If you want to learn about trick riding go to our site, or google it and look at another site. I really don’t care and I’m sick of people making arguments for the sake of it!!!

If it will make you happy I’ll edit one word into “The 3 styles of unicycling”. I can’t belive you’re the one who starts an argument over a word and I’m the ass.

i agree with dustin.

i think you should change it to something like “the 3 styles of unicycling that we cover” or something similar.

that’s just my opinion, please dont go nuts and have an arguement over what i said.

Good point.

I think that rails are one of the more impressive things for a new person to see too. The problem is that there are people out there who may not appreciate the more tech stuff done. You might have to to do the right trick, in the right place, to the right person as well, unfortunately. I hate all the haters.

I think that one of the more powerful things about the sport is that it is very diverse in terms of what area is more interesting to the individual person. There might be a lot of downhill biker junkies and would only become interested in the sport if they saw Muni.

I wish I could figure out the exact formula needed to make an online video that would get a lot of non-unicyclists excited about unicycling, rather than hating on it. So far I have a good idea as to what is needed, but is very hard to execute. Hopefully I’ll be able to use my “formula” for my next vid.