Team Horst's video is online!

Hey everyone,

it’s taken us a while, but finally our video is online in full quality and length.


Woops, forgot there was a special video section. Sorry about that.

You should watch it, either way.

Hahaha, love it!!, you guys seem so happy with your unis and each others :smiley:

Please stay together! That was great.

I love the variety. That was really good.:slight_smile:

You’re a fun group with a lot of skill!
Stephanie you inspire my 6 y.o. daughter. She says she’ll be that good because she’s starting out young. I explained she’ll have to practice a lot and push herself to learn new tricks.

Very inspiring! And fun. And beautiful.

Love it!

That’s so smilemaking :slight_smile:
Keep riding and giving us such videos :slight_smile:

There could not possibly be a better compliment.
Tell her it is true, it is hard work. But it’s worth it.

this woman Stephanie is pretty good :astonished: I loved the backwards wheel walk!

Glad to see wogri is still riding. Haven’t talked to him for quite a while, I think it was 6 years ago when he was out in Virginia/DC. I didn’t think I was even on this forum for that long. Time flies.

great vid!

the transition from forward to backward wheel-walk around 1:30 was so… smooth is the only adjective that’s coming to mind. Cool! I had to watch that a couple times!

Great editing, cool locations, and solid riding!

Really great video, it has a very happy feel! I’m jealous that you have each other to ride with though, where I am I’m on my own :frowning: Oh well, maybe I will come and visit you all one day :slight_smile:

We’d be happy to welcome and ride with you :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the lovely comments guys!