Team H Vid: 53V3N 7W3N7Y

I know the editing is crap ok… My editing program keeps on crashing on me and it makes making vids almost impossible. And I know its got that annoying pause before every clip (I can’t fix it) Just try enjoy.

53V3N 7W3N7Y

That was awesome, the 720 at the end was really clean. Good job.

wow man, that was the cleanest 720 i have ever seen, amazing.

your riding reminds me alot of shaun j’s, good stuff.

wow nice work :smiley:


great job man… It`s really good to see the general level of unicycling has increased a lot. there are not only a few guys riding really good.

BTW, the riding was so good the editing didn`t even look that terrible.

nice 720 unispins you got them sooooo clean
keep it up man

– bobousse

Wow, that was real good. Clean riding.

Yea I was thinking the same thing… all the way the down to little chickin wing arm after the hop over that bar. haha.

hahahahaa chicken wing

nice man. You have a pretty cool style. Welcome to the 720 uni-spin list! that was nice and clean.

P.S. I digged the ending:p(the suddenness)

Lol yeah the ending(after the spins) was by far the highlight of this video. Something went wrong, very wrong, nothing faded how it was ment to, music stoped 5 seconds before is was ment to and there was half a clip missing lol.

I only just noticed the chicken wing landing thing… Shaun does it with both arms :stuck_out_tongue:

100% bad ass.

was that the song from FF10 when you played blitzball?
good riding man!


Hell yeah it was!!!


By the way, I’m just putting together some final touches to a vid I’m making. I’m gonna delete this one maybe. I just decided to redo it seeing as I just got some better editing software.

Nah forget about that, I’ll just make a new one during making it I realised how boring seeing the same footage is.