Team H Productions Present

Hey all

Heres a video shot at Uni weekend 2007 in New Zealand.
Edited by Daniel Peters
Joe Dyson
Chris (unicycledood)
Tony Melton
Daniel Peters



wow it’s crazy…


very clean. very smooth. you guys got some narly sheeeit.
i like that everything was soo clean. that was awesome. where you guys out of?
keep it ups cats.

why have more people not replied to this wicked vid?

Cheers for the comments:D

All riders from New Zealand
Chris - Northland
Tony - Auckland
Dan - Hamilton
Joe & Muzzle - Wellington


Amazing stuff! Loved it!:smiley:

Let me know if people want me to put a HQ version for download

It looks so much better full screen



Very well put together Dan.

If you guys like this video you might wanna check out this one, NZUni Weekend 07 Video

Awesome vid… I like how almost everything was slow motion and clean.

I would love a HQ version.

that was amazing. i loved the crank flip to grind at like 2:00 i think. that was really good. keep it up!

Amazing vid, and a HQ version would be very welcome!

It was a truly excellent time for all…
Was it not?

Cool video.

There were some things I liked better in one than the other, for both vids.

But this one has too much slo mo IMO. Some is good though. Eg. for me, it’s sometimes hard to tell the difference between double and single flips, same goes for 3 and 5 spins.

3s and 5s are easy to tell apart… Its the 5s and 7s that are making it difficult.

this movies was Sweet :slight_smile:

I forgot the :smiley:

Well they are hard for me to tell, sometimes. For 5 vs. 7’s I have to use pause or slo-mo to tell.