Team H (NZ) Rider Profile Video

Yeah so i made a small video out of footage from the past 2 days.

Editing’s not great :o and excuse the Auto Focus from the Digi Cam at the end.

I had a haircut so you might see me with more hair in one shot…

Hope you enjoy…

Oh and by the way i’m Liam… used to post here under a different alias but have updated the name.

Very cool, you are good. I liked the backhicks, the unispin into donkey kick and the rail rides.

Nobody here knows who Team H is either…

Oh yeah… still unknown, give it time

sweet i loved rge ynispin to donkey kick great vid :sunglasses:

That was puurdy good mate. Well done, I remember your videos of when you landed backflips.

That drop at 3.25 was perfect for triples. I would kill for that drop. Learn doublebacks off of it :slight_smile:


yeah i might try hit some doubles some time…

Nice Riding, hope to see some more footage of TEAM H.