Team H: Kaikohe (Sucks) Street/Flat

The quality is very lame, the riding is pretty laid back. A couple new moves but no real outstanding improvement…

Ummmm, I hate my town… Its called Kaikohe… and yeah.

the riding is ok, the filming is ok but the editing…
nice 720s, your 180 doubles are also pretty clean

good job, keep it up

– bobousse

man you have some pretty insance tech skills, sorry the rail made me giggle a bit haha. cool vid, keep’em comin


Wicked sick riding :smiley:

Wow that was a great vid. I thought the editting was pretty good, same with the music.

I had no idea that you were so good at unicycling… I think I saw a couple in-in treys in there, they looked really smooth

wow i didnt know you where that good. your style is sick i like it alot dude.

great vid all around

wow that was very sick!
can you do 5-flips?

Nice dude. I just noticed something… you are the only other person I’ve seen do a 7 spin where the uni bounced! everyone thought I was crazy…:stuck_out_tongue: Nice vid dude.

Dude, I thought you were crazy too. Haha.

Sorry about the rail Justin, its the only rail around in my area really… I just liked the camera angle and the TING sound it made :smiley:

Edit: And no I can’t 5-flip :frowning: But their coming.

The music was well… different.

But hey, you’re a very good rider so I spose it’s ok :stuck_out_tongue:

he thinks his town sucks…

Yeah it just feels like its missing something and alot of the tricks in this vid are already in older vids and look a lot better.

I’m not gonna worry about the vid quality, I tried to get it better but i don’t really mind.

Youtube is really restricting when it comes to quality. You can’t find a good quality youtube video out there. Even HD (especially some HD) is pixellated and digitized. I guess it’s understandable considering how immense there servers must already be.

Edit: Now your riding… that’s quality. So was the editing and cinematography.

You could always grind that rail that you hopped over in S3v3n 7w3n7y.

That would be a cool little stunt… Maybe flip out of it if it isn’t to high.

Entertaining vid. I loved the style you gave to the “streetlanding” tricks lol.

Great job.

Yes the “streetlanding” is my style of flatland.

Funny thing is that I actually did grind that rail and 180 out after that jump but my sister wasnt too great with the camera and some how managed to cut out the whole thing hehe.

There are some rails at the local schools but their not the easiest to get to with all the security, but I’ll give them a try for next time.

so everyone here is suppose to know that your sarcastically typing and you talked to him on msn?


i just watched it again and those in to ins are nice.

those were all sweet tricks. the crankflip up the 3 set was something that I have not seen that much before and I enjoyed. Overall I was just kinda jealous after watching this. Nice riding.

That’s laid back riding?! I need to catch up, seriously great video.

Ok… some of it was laid back… :stuck_out_tongue: