Team Flat-Fluck

not me, found it on youtube…

That’s a really good vid.

It was already poasted, somewhere here, in a link to all the FLUCK videos by olaf


thats some pretty high hoppin trials…

didnt like tha flat very much, but the trials was amazing.
i though he was going to pg sometimes the he goes and gets all the way up(thats what she said).

holy high hops batman, the trials at the end was awesome! I say that even though I don’t usually like trials vids.

I didnt like the flatland, did anyone? lol but It was worth sitting through it to see the trials at the end. I think they should have scrapped the start and just filmed more of the trials. Or even better added some street :smiley:

It was awesome, if you dont like flatland then dont watch flat videos.

flat was my favorite part
its so awesome the combinations they add in.

For what it’s worth, I really enjoyed the flatland.

it makes number 3 in the video competition, really great video !
Flat is great stuf. I think street will split at least in Flatland and big street, like in BMX.

The riding was great, especially from Tom.

A bit of costructive criticism?
However, it wasn’t really that ‘flatty’, I mean, this is true flatland:

^They never really ever do bunnyhops or jump down steps or do any correction hops at all. All Flow.

I don’t view grinds and jumping off stuff as flatland at all. Infact, our ‘freestyle’ is the only true flatland in unicycling. But meh, anyway, some people just call this new school type of riding involving crankrolls as so on as: “French Street”, and possibly ‘Streetlanding’ may be a better name.

But, I suppose that unicycle ‘flat’ will evolve into something as flowsome as BMX flatland, eventually. I’m just not a fan of correction hops when it comes to attempting ‘flatland’, perhaps integrating some of the Japanese freestyle stuff will do ‘flatland’ some justice? Kaori’s whirls resemble flatland BMXers’ pedaldeathtruck spins quite a bit for one,

On a more positive note, Tom Petracco’s balance is unparalleled in Europe, the way that he takes his front foot off whilst balancing at the end is really impressive.

So how would you view the differences between Flatland BMX and Artistic bicycling(kunst I think?)? It’s about the style of tricks, the style of performance, and the style of equipment.

edit: yes, flatland should only involve tricks on flat ground too.

that vid was sick. really loved the crankroolls and the jumps and stuff tom pec did at the end.

i kinda agree with sponge there tho. I reckon hops during flatland moves breaks the flow so much and it isn’t as nice nemore, otherwise its great.

But railgrinds and jumpin sets is not flat either. flatland is all ground-based stuff.

loic that combo was sick!!!

aaron frost is in one of those videos. he lives here (im like 99% sure it is him) i have ridden with him. he is one hell of a flatland rider. he has a BC wheel with a frame, i saw him the 2nd day he had it and he was busting out better than most of the people i have seen on here… and he had a tire with over 80 psi in it. i could barely ride the thing, and I can normally just jump on one. he was doing perfect spins from frontwards to backwards, and riding it one footed. he was basically doing hardcore flatland on a BC wheel. it was amazing. I havn’t seen him in a while though.

its really funny, most people think he is a bum because he practices in an underpass where bums hang out sometimes. he didn’t even tell me he is pro, the guys at the bikeshops told me.
lol, sorry i had to tell that story… and that was a good opportunity.

anyways i agree flatland is just getting started, i saw like one true flatland line in there. it was 5 or 6 tricks linked together smoothly, seatwraps, and all on the ground. the only reason that flatlanders get off the ground is to get on the other wheel. we have no reason to get off the ground.

look what i just found its under that bridge…
i will add something in my video under that bridge just for fun.

You don’t need to link a ton of things together to call it flatland. All the crankroll tricks Arthur and Loic did were flatland.

If the name flatland is picked because of its likeness to bike flatland, then yeah it would seem like linked tricks would be more bike-flatland-esque. Flatland bikers do tons of tricks in a row. I would think if you dont link them together, its just “tricks on a unicycle”.

Is it “tricks on a bike” if you don’t link tricks together in BMX Flatland? Is this just trick on bike or is it flatland? What you think? In my opinion it’s flatland