Team Dirty Needlezz

missing over half the team and editing is rather poos cos i just couldnt b bothered. enjoy!

also i think we r calling out Voodoo or we r responding. i got no idea lol

I loved it.

just wait till we are all in the next video… and we are all wearing matching shirts

very nice vid :slight_smile:
and max his line at 2:40 was :astonished:

Good job team.

Great video! 2:40 was intense and I couldn’t stop laughing at the last clip xD

You are all the man. And Sophia is the woman.

Seriously, awesome street video and I liked the trials lines and combos thrown in along the way. Sick stuff. I’ll favorite this.

sounds good!

just realised i should probly mention the sponsors too so they stay happy lol.
Me -
Sophia - and Impact and DEV Clothing
Dan - Koxx One
Max and Pedro - Kris Holm
Mike - EB Uni

filming was lots of people but the only one im aware of was Matty P. who filmed Dan

lets just get this straight… Dirty Needlez was the worst DJ I can’t remember seeing. $40 and I can’t even remember it… I like this video muchly


For the next one I’m going to do some nice clips… This one sucked and the low light was terrible to film…

Nice job Isaac… Made me laugh a lot :smiley:

PS: Anna also watched it :stuck_out_tongue:


Cool video guys and lady. Fun to watch all the different styles and what not.

More! I want more!

i like the video too. but it makes me miss all of you guys;)

I think we’ll definitely make another vid!:)Without snow,with enough light,ALL team members and matching T-shirts!!!:Dand with more terrible music of DIRTY NEEDLEZZ!


My favorites clips: Doubleflip down the 5 and the backflip out the 6 set handrail.

And pretty much all Max’s clips. The little boys were funny in your clips Isaac.

Nah, I think you were calling out the great Team Zenith.

I loved it ! I’d add to Émile’s list : Duncan’s (I think it was him anyway…) 11 set hop and 9 (?) set handrail. The triple was from you Isaac ? Nice job !

Can’t wait to ride with you again !


Handrail was dan and triple was joe.

Everything by Max was amazing.
Everything else was sick too.

ok we’ll call both u n voodoo out. none of u stand a chance anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

yea that was duncan clearing the 11 at the start. me doing a triple? lol

yea would b great to ride again some day!

My sentiments exactly:D

Yeah, I was quite close…

And from who was the static double down the skinny ?