Team Dirt Needlez fun vid, UniNats 2010

Sorry for miss spelling your name Jaryd lol. Was a rushed edit because I was getting so frustrated with a few things going on.

Switch and blunt handrails were cool. Who did the switch one? Dan?

THE best video. full stop. . so so funny chris…loved everything! joe sure got owned by Jaryd! :stuck_out_tongue: fire cracker was easily the best trick though!! love it Malcom :slight_smile:

chris did the half rev in half rev out switch grind thing btw.

man i missed out on alot.Looking forward to nz uni weekend.Only 7 days !!

Oops got Tirryn’s name wrong, sorry man!!

hmmm, just realised i only had 2 lines in the whole video lol. filmed nearly everything for my own video and mattys. wish i filmed more :frowning:

When I was doing the intro I thought you and I had the most clips. But no lol. Oh well, Matty and Nic’s videos will have some awesome stuff from you. Not so much from me lol.