Team Callout- STREET vs. flat

Yeah so me and Jacob freaking busted our nuts on this video. Literally. It’s a street vs. flatland call out. Where me and Jacob try to make a better video than Eli and Will at … flatland :roll_eyes: Hahaha so enjoy! Watch and comment :slight_smile: Good luck Eli and Will. Oh and it’s darker on youtube then on my computer sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

this video is not avaliable…

can you upload it on vimeo?

Good job guys. I leave for Will’s tomorrow, so expect a response in the next two weeks or so :wink:

Some awesome lines in there guys, most of the video had a real nice flow to it. 9 set flip, 7 set triple and 4 set trey triple were tops :slight_smile:

I like the “Vid not available” and “waiting in line” parts the most! :smiley:

like it ;D


Cons of this vid:

-Normal editing, just clips put randomly on the timeline
-No slow mo on hard to see tricks (such as trey triple on the 4, quad, sej…)
-Annoying (IMO) added vignetting in editing program
-Tricks were alot reptitives
-Filming wasn’t really good

Pros of this vid:
-You guys got some balls
-Some crazy tricks
-Some nice big street

Briefly, the filming, editing (all of these) was not up to par by the rider’s skills.

shiddy camera equals shiddy filming… if we had a sweet camera with a fisheye lens the filming would of been way better.

Also we only had two days of riding, so we had to focus on the riding rather than than the filming:p

thanks for the nice words though:)
Colby is an awesome rider that brings all the techy tricks to big street:D

Shitty camera doesn’t mean shitty filming by no sens. I don’t have a fisheye and I can still do some good shots, you, can too.

Well you could have post your video later and have more days of riding.

I thought it was a pretty sweet video. The 10 stair set was sweet.
Some problems I had with it though. Some of the tricks could have been slow mo to show them off. The other thing I didnt like was that this was a street vs flat comp and you threw flat tricks into your street video. I like flat more so I didnt complain, but dont try to say your street is better if you cant make a video without flat.

The other thing i didnt like was the filmking… and

That isnt true, you can still make a shotty video with the sweetest video camera out there. Your camera and lens dont matter if you dont do good shots in the first place.

It looks like you put some color effect on that makes it hard to see whats going on, also I really like that song but I didn’t think it went well with the video.

The riding was good though, some huge stuff.

Yeah, the filming editing annoyed me…

buut, the riding was BIG. haha good job guys

this is awesome, I don’t think we can up that… but we’ll try. keep it up guys you both have talent to spare :smiley:

Confidence brotha. We’re gonna be throwin down in a few hours.

I think we’ll put up quite the fight :wink:

Nice vid guys. But yeah, theres more tricks then just multiple flips of teh crankzorz.

I love Jacobs flow.

2:01 and 2:17 :astonished: AWSOME riding, don’t like the song and the editing and filming weren’t that good, but very impressive street unicycling :smiley:

wow after further review of this vid…

i now must say i myself didnt do anything that cool… haha just a shitload of flips