Teaching Tips paid off

Thanks to all for the advise on teaching kids.

My 7 yr old “rode” for the first time last night. I consider “riding” anything over the 3 or 4 revolutions they get from push-off momentum.

All of the sudden she rode 37 feet!!! After that, she rode over here. She rode over there…I stopped counting in feet, more like seconds now.

Tips you gave me that seem to help:

  1. Back straight, hips forward, eyes up.
  2. Let her hold my open palm only as much as she needed.
  3. Riding along side her. This was a little tricky (for me too), but fun.

Tips from the Memphis Unicycle Club:

  1. Practice some behind a shopping cart. (They gain a lot from this quickly, but soon have gained all they will)
  2. Practice with other riders of different levels. Osmosis, I supposes.

Tip I figured out myself: Both daughters accomplished their maiden voyages by riding down a veeeeery sliiiiiiiiight decline. By this I mean, they thought it was flat…I could see some slant. For example: all Walmart Parking lots around here slope gently toward the drain…

Thanks for your tips. :smiley:

Teaching Tips paid off


A rider she is!

Welcome to the multi-generational uni club.

Re: Teaching Tips paid off

A hearty congratulations to all of you! I have found it extremely
rewarding to have a common activity to do with my children, and
unicycling is fun for all ages!



As a teacher of uni I really appreciate the words of wisdom shared here. Thanks to all of you.

All of us that have been watching Memphis Mud teach his two daugthers to ride has served as a real inspiration. The age-range and diversity in the Memphis Unicycle club is a wonderful testament to the joyous celebration of unicycling - regardless of generation or gender. In my family’s busy schedule I know that I will have some quality time with my 13 year old daugther - at very least - during our riding times at our club practices. Celeste and I also use our unicycle to to do local errands and neighborhood urban touring. Especially at the volatile pre-teens and early teen years it is SO important for the parents to share thier avocational passions with their kids. Besides, Celeste and other young folks in our club still teach me new ways to ride and learn to ride.