Teaching Newbie to Uni (FAQ?)

I have taught three riders. All were riding within an hour or so in the saddle and a couple more would have as well if I had had enough trials unis with the right length seat posts for them. With the third guy I was trying to teach four at once which was too many on not enough suitable unis.

Spending hours on a wall is a waste of time. It teaches the learner to grab and distracts from concentrating on the real skills. More importantly it doesn’t teach what is most fundamental to riding.

Steering the uni where you are falling is what it is about and the wall gets in the way half the time. The other half of the time the learner reaches back to the wall instead of turning into the fall away from the wall.

It isn’t about forward and back balance while trying to stay perched on top of the uni which is what the wall encourages. It is about getting the uni under you as you move forwards.

I tell my learners to “put the wheel where you would step if you were walking”. It seems a simple and effective notion to focus on.

Here is recent post that goes into more detail.

I expect there are two peaks of “failed learners”. One where thay fell on their backside the first time they tried and gave up. The other where they kept feeling like they were “almost there” but eventually gave up because they still couldn’t ride into the open after hours and hours of practice on the wall.