teaching myself...

i am teaching myself to ride. having a hell of a time with it. today, i decided to try something a little different. i lowered the seat significantly. almost immediately i was able to ride across the patio. haven’t repeated yet, but i’m sure i will.

i’m wondering. do others find it easier to learn/ride when the seat is lower than the full extension i’ve seen recommended? i’ve noticed on many of the videos that the seat to pedal distance is nowhere near the fully extended length of the riders’ legs.

what can you all tell me to shed some light on this?

thanx in advance.


It works to help you learn fast. It’s a good thing. After you learn to ride a significant distance you will find the low seat to be tiring. Raise it then. How is your weight on seat concentration going? I would think a low seat would make you want to put weight on the pedals but what do I know?

This is probably because if it is a trials video, lowering the seat makes hopping easier

I learned with my seat at a level that was not the extension of my leg at the lowest point on the uni. I found it was easier for me anywasy to keep balanced, and u see that more in video’s becuase it makes tricks easier(well for me anyways), but u should prob learn from the proper height amd lower it later, becuase i hate riding with my seat up now it don’t feel comfy.

I had the seat at a medium height on my 20" learner. Having the seat lower than what would be “ideal” for general riding helps when learning because it is easier to land on your feet. If the seat is too high it is easy to get “stuck” on the uni during an UPD. Confidence is key when learning.

Keep whatever seat height is comfortable for you at the moment. As you get more confident on the unicycle you will probably find that the increased comfort of a higher seat height outweighs any UPD-related advantages. Most likely because you will be very good at UPD’s at this point :stuck_out_tongue: