Teaching my 5 years old son to ride a unicycle


Ah that was great. My youngest wants one now so “we can go riding together”. He’ll be better than me by day 2, pesky kids.

Awesome! I am impressed.


I love how this video shows the whole learning process. That’s exactly how I learned. He’s so lucky to start young and has many years of riding ahead.

Hi Everyone,

Thanks a lot for all of your warm comments :slight_smile:
It’s fun having this forum with such great support by people like you.

I did enjoy :slight_smile:

Excellent work one4all & son!

As a matter of interest … how long did your son take to get from step 1, holding on with both hands, to riding 20-odd meters ?

My eldest is 5 and I’ve bought him a little 12", but the lack of a good practice space makes learning for him quite a challenge.

That was awesome! Kids learn so fast.

It took about 2 months with approx. 20 cumulative hours.
His older brother was almost 7 years old when he learned to ride a unicycle and it took him only about 10 hours within 2 weeks or so; IMHO the age gap is significant in this case.

BTW - here is a short video of my son’s progress from today; once they catch it they fly away…

hahahhaha OMG that unicycle is so cute. I like how the crank length almost equals the wheel diameter. :smiley:
Good job, Kiddo! :slight_smile:

Amazing! So lucky to have a teacher too. :slight_smile: