teaching friend turning need help

I sold my friend my old torker cx 16" and he says he can ride but cant turn. I’ve tried to help but cant. Can you tell me what i should say?

So how far can this friend ride? The ability to turn will develop naturally as your friend gets more confident with the basics of riding, and relaxes in the saddle.

There are two basic ways of turning (excluding hopping, jumping, pirouetting and other clever stuff!): you can turn gradually, using the curve of the tyre (as you would on a bicycle), or you can turn suddenly, “scrubbing” the tyre. I think many beginners find the second method easier. The trick here is to do it at the right time in the pedalling circle: turn right as your right foot goes through the power stroke.

But in both cases, all it takes is confidence and practice.

One thing that will help is giving your friend some easy steering challenges, by setting out cones, bottles, coats or whatever, and challenging him/her to ride to the right of the first and theleft of the second, for example.

Another thing to do is to race your friend. Give 'em a head start and say that you’ll overtake them before a given landmark. Then, once the game is working, choose a landmark that is just before a bend, and make sure you don’t catch up until they’ve made the turn.

Tell your friend to look in the direction of the intended turn, and not to be afraid of leaning the unicycle.

And, as with all unicycling, keep practising.

There are some turning tips in Klaas’ and my Word document at www.unicycle.2ya.com . You might find something helpful there.


I practiced in a wide open area and just tried to ride in big circles. Well, I suppose they were more squares with rounded edges… I think twisting my hips to turn came naturally first.

scrubbing and leaning

Well I seem to be able to turn left by leaning, but have to really work hard and scrub the tyres to turn right!

I think it must be my socialist past coming through;)