Teaching Advice

So my friend and I are holding a unicycling workshop this weekend. It’s gonna be really and I’m super excited but I’m a little nervous about teaching. So any advice about how to teach people to ride?
My standard advice is

  1. Relax
  2. Keep your weight directly above the seat, don’t lean
  3. RELAX

Anything else?
And any help for teaching people to idle?

weight in seat dont try to stand on pedals

Think about riding in steps. From stable balance position to stable balance position


We usually go with rule #1 is don’t get hurt. Keep that in mind at all times.

Our experience is that people tend to be too conservative and fear going off the front of the uni. They don’t push their hips far enough forward and sit upright enough. What we’ve found is that falling off the back of the uni is much more dangerous for those who are at the very early stages of learning to ride. Once they start to get it, we go for the standard skill level of dismount off the back under control with the uni in front.

We also get learners on a flat surface with a wall or fence to touch with one hand. Sometimes we also give a partner on the other side for them to hold an arm.

Remind them that it takes an average of 10 hours to learn to ride so they shouldn’t be in a hurry.

Thanks for taking the time to bring others into the sport!

Sorry I couldn’t watch the vid, interweb soooo slooow. So ignore me if this has already been mentioned. Don’t look down at the wheel.

Sorry can’t help with idling.

Good Luck and have fun :slight_smile:

Bring some ski poles/hiking poles for new riders to use as outriggers.

If you can find a nice concrete wall with grass or smooth pavement, that’s a good way to learn while “palming” the wall.

Have new riders pair up, buddies can help with balance and give each other support.

Have yummy snacks on hand.

Make people take breaks so they don’t get too worked up.

Make sure everyone knows that unicycling is an extremely hard sport to learn, on par with learning a musical instrument.

Wrist guards, padded shorts, headgear.

From my first few days of success in idling:

Lot of practice as with any other skill… But eventually it will come!