I was ridding around up town the other day and a guy stoped and asked if I could teach him/let him use my uni.so can a anyone help me with what to do?and he wants to pay me what should it be the cost is?if anyone can help thanks.

I would like to quote some famous words from Admiral Ackbar. “It’s a Trap!”

What do you mean by that??

dont do it…

only people that i let barrow my unicycles are my friends that i deeply trust

If you accept money, you will be accepting responsibility, accountability, and liability. if this guy falls and hits his head… you better be an LLC with insurance. If you don’t have the bases covered, then you may also be negligent should anything go wrong. unless you know contract law, a waiver may not even stand up. you could rent the equipment at your own risk maybe. I don’t think it’s worth the risk. just teach him how to ride and take a tip, lunch, or beer.

tell the nosy bugger to buy his own and learn to ‘rid’ on his own, we all had to (well most of us).

That’s the way I did…I told him to bye his own then YouTube how.

what the heck?

here it works like this: you wanna learn unicyling? cool an other one of us. when have you time? i’ll bring you an unicycle, and i’ll help you to learn how to ride. and paying for that? no way!
otherwise i’d probaly still ride on my own… so we’ve got a team turtle with 7 members!

It works like that here too. As much as it’s nice to make money, the truth is that it’s better for all of us if more people are riding. Our community shouldn’t be relegated to screens and keyboards, after all it’s about riding a unicycle.

I do the same thing! I’ve made 4 person to ride that way, there’s a few others that were supposed to call me, but they never did. It’s fun to see people try unicycles too:p I was at a family party for Canada Day last week, and there’s a guy who lost a game of shoehorse so he had to ride my unicycle:p

Make the community grow!!! If we do, maybe one day unicycles will dominate the world!:wink:

I agree… I try to teach everybody I can. Nobody really converted up to now, but some had plans to buy their own after a few tries.

I would never start if I had not tried (and failed) somebody else’s uni.

same. i started learning from others(on their unis) and now i teach others(on my uni). it’s the only fair way to go. guys - honestly who would try to steal an unicycle? non riders cant ride it and riders just wouldnt.

It’s that kind of attitude that keeps us out of gyms. :angry: I don’t know that there would be much liability without any contract or paperwork of any kind, but yes, in America you can always get sued for the most ridiculous things. Fortunately this is still extremely rare when it comes to unicycles…

A thief. The thief’s mind works this way: “Hey look, something that isn’t nailed down! I’m getting that.”
I’ve had three unicycles stolen over the years, and heard of many, many more. I’ve also had a bag full of devil sticks and spinning plates stolen out of my car. They kept the bag, and tossed the props all over the street…

I guess 40 years ago, a reformed convict started teaching any kid who wanted to learn to ride unicycles in my neighborhood. The group evolved into the King Charles Unicycle Troupe, but there are still a bunch of people in the area who learned to unicycle four decades ago and decided not tour with the group.

Anyway, I am always worried about liability when a 60+ year old lady (or gentleman) tells me they used to ride with the King Charles group and asks if they can get on my unicycle. They are usually pretty good, but every once in a while someone too short to ride and too old to fall will. I hope I don’t have to deal with broken hips.

But seriously, I think you should just teach anyone interested for free. If you are worried about theft (because unicycles go for a lot on the black market;)), bring a friend or two to sit in on the lessons.

Just curious, how did these unicycles get stolen?
People say you learn from your mistakes, but I love my KH and would rather learn from yours :stuck_out_tongue:

I know one rider who had someone break his car window last year and steal the trials uni therin, even though it’s doubtfull they could ride it. Word spread quickly around this area but it was never found.

John is correct, if it aint nailed down somebody will eventually try to take it just for the thrill of getting away with something. It’s weird to think about but there are people out there like that. Always keep anything you value out of site just in case.

I will let anyone have a go on my Uni - like some others here I would be glad to get some more new people to learn with. I know there are ratbags out there who will steal your gear but I think we need to remember most people are genuine and if nothing else you will meet some great people!!:slight_smile:

Does anyone have a list of steps for teaching someone to ride? Does it make a difference if it is an adult?
I posted on a new website buying/selling items/services for my school, offering to teach unicycling for virtual currency for 1hour long session…and someone wants to try. I stated it’d take approximately 10 hours to learn. I did not think anyone would actually pick up on my offer, but now I’m not sure what to do. Do I need to worry about liability…?
Any advice would be very helpful!

Here’s something we threw together this past Spring:


As far as liability- technically, yes, there could possibly be liability. Once again, it’s a whole lot more of a problem if you charge for services. If you are in the United States and your club is a Unicycling Society of America affiliated club (or you make one), you can get free liability insurance. It is for performing, parades, and other events if all members are USA members. There is a provision for learner sessions though where learners do not have to be members.

All that being said: if you just have some unicycles, people try them on their own free will, and you don’t charge a fee- you’ll probably be fine unless you’re grossly negligent or the person is incredibly litigious. I can’t be 100% on this though as I’m not a lawyer- I’m just using common sense.

We have a bike shop around here that has free uni learner sessions every other Monday. They don’t do any forms or anything. No problems yet.

I know I’m a little late on the response here, but here goes anyway. Actually there were four that I can remember:


  • In 1983, my 1975 VW UniBug was stolen out of my driveway. My beloved, original 24" Miyata was in the back. That was a car theft.
  • In early 2000, a thief broke into my Dodge Caravan in my driveway. Different driveway; the first was in Livonia, MI and this later was at my current home in Carmichael, CA. Only things stolen from the car were the two unicycles in there.
  • Later in 2000, I was in Beijing for Unicon X. Someone stole my custom Track unicycle from the track's grandstand while I was down below being the Referee. [/LIST] More information: My UniBug and my old Miyata were never seen again. Fortunately my parents had good Comprehensive coverage, and I was able to recoup the cost of the uni and its upgraded parts. That Miyata was probably the first one to be sold in a bike shop in Michigan, and reportedly had been a display model at the NYC cycle show before being ordered by my local shop.

    The two stolen from my Caravan found their way back to me, due to my thought to call all local bike shops and have them keep a lookout. Fortunatly they were very unusual unicycles, easily spotted as not being like the ones you would ever see at a bike shop. One was a DM ATU, probably the only unicycle with a splined axle at the time. The other was a carbon fiber Muni handmade by Roger Davies. My thief wanted the cranks off the ATU, and brought it into what was the bike shop closest to my house. They recognized what were probably the unicycles I had told them about, and called me at work. Meanwhile, they asked the thief for his full address and contact information, and encouraged him to leave both unicycles. Last I saw Jeremy Beerham, he was sitting in the back of a police car. :slight_smile:

    In China, I came very close to losing two unicycles, not one. The Track uni was a customized Miyata; very lightweight, with a hollowed-out Suzue hub, machined-down aluminum seatpost with very stiff gussett (for acceleration), skinny tire and super-light pedals. And a bike computer mounted in the seat. Which looked cool but was hard to look at while riding. That one was already gone, but I ran into a woman who was carrying my other 24" uni down from where I’d left it. I thought she was a volunteer, just helping people clear stuff out of the seating at the end of the day. Later I realized I’d probably met the thief.

    Below are four pictures of my custom Track uni, and a view of the wheel of my old Miyata, the one that got stolen in 1983.