TCUC trails movie

this is a vid of some of the riders from twin citys unicycle club (TCUC). THe movie was made yesterday. It has a ranges of skill in it. And a crazy ride on the side of a birge thingy. hope you like it.

i assume you mean trials not trails but either way its dling now.

nice video! i liked that wolf part =p

that was sweet… that little guy is pretty good how old is he?

The little guy on the 24" muni instead of a trials is one of my kids. He is 10.

hes good! i wish i was that good when i was 10…come to think of it i wish i knew how to uni when i was 10…

Pretty video. We just had Ms. President of TCUC in town for some clinics and a MUni ride.

Nice! It seems most like “street” riding to me, though. There’s little point in unispins, seat drags, and the like for trials riding, which is minimalist and based on competition.

This particular group is more into muni than street or trials, but it is snow-melting season in Minnesota and our muni trails are just beginning to dry out. So in the meantime, they do stuff like this.

Thanks for making the video, it turned out pretty sweet!

i need to visit u guys once or twice. i wish i had a ride.

I loved when your kid owned that biker.

You do good work Jon!
It is always good to see the members out there doing their thing.
Sad that I wasn’t there to watch it, but the video is really good.

Did the guy in the last little clip make it down the red brick hill?

is there any meetings this weekend?

and johnny will u be there?

4:30 pm tomorrow. Not a trials ride like that, but a Muni ride at Locke park in Fridley.

yea wut gilby said about the meeting and no i wont

hey that was a cool video. I remember riding that place at mondo with the (marble i think it is?) benches and the stairs (the stairs you ride backwards down).

Are you going/competing at nationals (what events)? I’m going, having made my hotel reservation yet but it should be fun.

No, not yet… That was me and sooner or later I might try the downhill slope but don’t have the balls yet to try it.

dang jonny your good icant wait till tomorrow

will there be a camera involved?