Taylor Wright-Sanson, backflip, and Circus Smirkus

A friend from Saratoga, NY, US, Taylor Wright-Sanson, is performing with Circus Smirkus. They’ll be touring the NE US for the rest of the summer. We just bought some tix for Monday, July 6, 1PM show in Saratoga, NY.

A sample of his riding is here. Note the backflip at 0:14.


I say wow,wife says cool funny.:slight_smile:

He did the backflip last summer at OUI’08. It is in Isaac Steiner’s OUI’08 video.

next stage it to catch the uni before it falls after flipping. I manage to catch my uni the majority of the time when I get off it…

That would be awesome! I think he would have to jump from a giraffe to a normal 20" to be able to land on a unicycle… but it stills impossible to me:p

EDIT: I didn’t saw the second phrase, maybe it could be possible then, you dont need a giraffe anymore.

That was a great little video! They should call it “Riding on the Edge”. :slight_smile:

Awesome backflip dismount. Now Taylor just has to figure out that his brain is worth more than about $20…

exactly what i thougt when he felt in the water…guess what happend if it was asphalt instead of water… ouch…

beside that, i like it a lot!

Ok safety police, calm down now.

Please call us the Stupid Police. :smiley:

I’m glad you guys like my video. I’ll give catching the uni before it falls a try. :sunglasses:

I’ll bet you $100 that I don’t have shoes on when I fall in the water…

Circus Smirkus is great fun. Saw the show last year and the year before. Will be going this year too. All performers are under 18 years old. Last year, one of the performers was snapped up by Ringling.

+1 :p;)

Taylor is SOLID on the back flip and is an over-all brilliant wheel wonder!

My daughter Aerial is on Smirkus for her third year … along with Taylor and the show is terrific and these performers-of-youngness love performing. The show is in a real tent with a real band and a wonderful cook tent, crew, admin etc…
See it if you can!

Which one was your daughter, one of the tumblers?

Anyway, my kids and I just got back from Circus Smirkus. It was fantastic and more.

This circus treats unicyclists not as side-clowns but as main-act serious performers. Taylor and two other (names of those guys, xeaza?) unicyclists’ bit was excellent, with synced uni-spins, and a platform with steps and a skinny. Taylor’s signature backflip dismount was the finale of the uni-segment, and he stuck it without a wobble.

My kids and I may be the only people in the tent who realized what the riders were doing was twice as hard as it looked because the ring had a bed of mats under it to protect all the tumblers and acrobats. So they were performing in the muni equivalent of squishy mud.

The whole show was great, with all youth performers doing a big nursery-rhyme storyline. There was lots of juggling (a 4x4 club-passing routine and some seven-ball cascades), trapezes, rope-swinging, great acrobatics, and plenty of hilarity and cotton-candy.

Five stars.

Hey steveyo!
My daughter is the “Fairy GodMother”… she is a bright red-head … does hula-hoops, triangle trap, jump rope and character roles.
Yes … the unicyclists really get a lot of respect and time in all the past shows as well. Last year they were the “Lab Rats” … that is what I would have wanted to be!!!
Glad that you like the show. We go to Manchester, VT tomorrow to see it for the first time this year. always a terrific production!

If I’m not mistaking, there is an unicyclist called Emmanuel, from France, in this Circus, according to a conversation we had with him on Vimeo.

Taylor was already very consistent with his backflip dismount at OUI’08, he did it three times in a row because people wanted to film it.

I would really like to see this show, but I don’t think it will come up here in Montreal. :frowning:


Yes … Emmanuel is on the show … he plays Prince Charming. Perfect for a French-Man :stuck_out_tongue:
The show closes at their homebase in Greensboro, VT August 15 and 16. Only 2 hour drive from Montreal. I will be there then. You should come…
It is worth it. Four unicyclists … Taylor, Owen Winship, Emmanuel, and Anna.

Hugo, that would be sick if you could see a show! To bad we don’t go to Montreal :confused:

Just saw the Smirkus show in Wilbraham, Massachusetts on Saturday. I echo the other comments on this thread - GREAT SHOW. LOTS OF FUN. In comparing this show to the two previous year’s shows, I would say this one has a lot more laughs. There are some very funny running jokes through the show.

Taylor and the others did great uni work. I got a chance to introduce myself to Taylor after the show. He promises more videos soon.

Good (non-uni) work from Aerial, too. There is a very funny duel between the Aerial (as the Good Fairy) and the Wicked Witch.

All you New Englanders: SEE THE SHOW.