Taylor Heaton 2011 - Flatland Unicycling

I made a video of my unicycle apprentice Taylor Heaton, we filmed the whole thing at Utah State University in Logan, UT in about 5 hours. He has only been unicycling for a little over a year :slight_smile:

Drop a comment.

Enjoi :slight_smile:

-Kevin Kartchner

That was great! The filming and editing was really nice, and so was the riding! The fulloutflip was awesome!

Taylor! I flippin love you, dude :open_mouth: Keep up the awesome riding :smiley: :smiley: And Kevin, the filming and editing was MOST EXCELLENT! :smiley: Love you, two! Come down to Colorado!

Thanks, he’s getting really good! :slight_smile:

Thanks bro :slight_smile: and yeah dude we already had this convo! i’m def coming down during the winter break :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

How did this die?! Taylor’s getting to be such a beast, and his style is really nice it fit the song and edit well. Kevin the edit was beautiful, one of the best I’ve seen in ages, it just flowed with the song so nicely! Can’t wait to see more from you both. :smiley: