Tassie uni ride this sat

I will be in launceston this sat, anyone up for a ride? Anytime from 8 in the morning onwards, i am easy.

(must be optamistic about things)

hahahahhaha good luck getting a ride in tassie

be careful, he’ll poke you with all six fingers :astonished:

You guys are aweful!

Go to Tassie and ride with Tom!

I have organised one, it is looking to be wednesday the 28th of feb in Hobart. i found a small group of riders and even one with the 05 KH 20" although he cannot even hop :frowning:

It will be hard going for a few months but i should end up with a pretty healthy little uni group :slight_smile:

Well done! Congratulations!

nothing happened, they never got back to me :frowning:

they where only young kids though, like 10 to 14ish. i believe it would be hard for them to get places etc…