Tassie Teaser vid

Showing up some hot new Tassie Talent, stay tuned. This is just a taste of whats to come.

Linkage bro



Nicely done. Look farward to seeing more of that tassie talent.


How high was that hop?!

Thats was very good. =p


that was awesome!

can’t wait to see the rest!!:smiley:

Woah, I never realised you were so good!
Im looking forward to the full thing!

Rock on!

Oooooh very nice!
Shame you broke the lampost! lol


Hmm, I think it was a seagull that he broke.
He is a seagull whistler, after all.

On the video: very very impressed.

well guys this is just a little of what is to come, stay tuned for some mega awsome uniage.

honestly, this is what happens when ones internet drops out for a few hours and it is raining outside :frowning:

thanks for the feedback :stuck_out_tongue:

hahaha very good!

were did you go from behind the lamp post?
or was it ‘tassie skill’?


Twas ‘Tassie skill’, a little rubbed of on me in the years ive been here :slight_smile:

wow i cannot wait untill the next rainy day, i will have to film some more.