Tasmania Coker ride (drawing board)

Ok i am thinking of organising a Tasmania Coker ride about halfway through 2007. I am getting a coker early Febuary and was wondering who would be up for a ride around my wonderful countryside? At the moment nothing is set in concrete, i am just seeing if i would get numbers and whether or not it would be worth doing or if i should just go myself.



no? nothing? not even a tiddle?

sorry man,

thats just before UNInats and i dont reckon i will be able to afford 2 interstate trips.

are you going to UNInats?

no idea, when abouts is it?

september or october next year. exact dates are on the Australian Unicycle Society website i think.

I would love to go!!!
Pay for my airfare and I am in!

Is this just a single day’s riding you’re planning or a fully fledged tour? Not really worth it for just one day’s riding, but maybe for a tour. However as you may be aware this has kinda already been done. TUT tour. I might be interested in a multiday tour.

multi day was they idea, i wanted to start up around burnie and head down the east coast, there are so many places we could go, the possibilities are endless.

and yes i have seen the Tasmania tour information before. that is what inspired me. back then i was not riding but i htought, if it was so big back then i should be able to get some support once again. although the date may have to be moved around quite alot to be suitable for everyone.

Tasmania Tour - Reprise

Tom, I would be quite interested in a 7 day tour of Tasmania in July or August 2007. The Mediterranean tour (MUT) at that time is full, and SINZ doesn’t work for me because it’s during the snowy Canadian winter, so no time to train.

How is the weather in Tasmania during July and August? Isn’t that your winter?


Mediterranean tour? Tell me more, please! I’m in the mediterranean!

I would but parents say i’m too young to travel accross the world alone :frowning:

Check out the Mediterranean Unicycle Tour: mut.unitours.org

Still working on the webpage and it will keep changing (and hopefully get better) up until the start of the tour, next June.

As for the Tasmanian Unicycle Tour, it was one great place to visit. I would suggest going if you can find the means.


Dono, it is around our winter yet now half as intense as yours. probably a little rain and low tempretures. ok i will look into July, August time. i dont have time to do anything before christmas but as soon as that is out of the way i shall get into it. only if i can find anyone else interested?
Thanks Dono,


Ohh. You guys completely pass me by. :frowning:
I’m in Cyprus, which is quite far from Italy.

Oh well.

Hi Tom,
Great to hear you have the enthusiasm to organise a big ride. My advive in Aus is to organise what suits you, and if you have any other riders to participate that is great as well. Pick a date as you will get confused trying to please everyone. It is easy to get carried away by other big rides, but we are in Oz and don’t have that many riders compared to other countries.
I could be interested, but from what I remember from two bike rides years ago in that area, doing it on a uni would be hard work for the average rider (ME).
Keep planning and see how it goes.

thanks for the encouragement. yes i was thinking maybe to organise something along the lines of visiting all the heritage sites like Maria Island, Cradle Mountain etc and instead of Riding from place to place use a shuttle bus to get place from place. It would probably be possible to hire the local community one.

I think i will just go ahead and plan for myself and well if others come that would be great.