Tarka Trail...6 miles!

i wetn on holiday (that’s why i havn’t been online) and i stayed at a campsite next 2 the tarka trail i love endurance unicycling and i went 3 miles on the tarka trail and 3 miles back so 6 miles which i am very proud of! plus on the way back i went 3 miles wihtout stopping! i got bad saddle sore tho :frowning: i’m gonna buy a pair of cycling shorts 4 the summer tho
any one else here like long distanc/endurance unicycling and got any tips on it? :slight_smile:

I’m not a happy camper on long rides without padded biking pants.

Also, carry water, especially in the summer. Dehydration will ruin your day. I use a little plastic (used to have grapefruit juice in it) bottle and carry it in a fanny pack. This is fine if I can refill along the way. If not, I have bigger bottles that fit in a larger waist worn thingy. Haven’t gotten a camelback yet. (They’re sort of hot/sweaty).


thanx 4 the tips any idea of the price of padded shorts? are they hot or ok?

The Tarka Trail? I come down to Devon quite a lot and I’ve often thought of riding some or all of that.

What’s it like?

As for the padded shorts - even a cheap pair of Lycra shorts with soft sponge padding will make a lot of difference. It’s the chafing you need to avoid, so don’t wear anything that can bunch up, or anything with a seam through the crotch area.