Taranaki Muni

i hope you all enjoy.

Awesome stuff guys. That giant scree slope looked like a tonne of fun.



we definitely need more muni-vids in here!

That was great! Loved when you guys were slipping and sliding down that slope.

I am too liking this video…fun looking mountain-top ya’ll got to romp on.

Nice, I enjoyed! :sunglasses: You need guts to go so high with 20’’ unicycle :wink:

It’s too bad that cool muni vids like this don’t get many posts, but 10 seconds of someone doing a 720 unispin get pages of replies.

I hope you guys will make more videos :slight_smile:

It’s too bad cool muni vids like this don’t get filmed someplace where it is legal to ride.

Insane, awesome, love it!
It’s watching vids like this that make me really want to persevere with the uni :slight_smile: