"Tar" for trials tires??

Whats this all about? Tar to put on your tire for trials…makes the tire grip more maybe? Anybody ever heard of/ tried this?

RIMS not tires

It’s for the rims
i suppose its so your brakes grip better, that would make sense

Re: RIMS not tires

That does make sense, and the TAR, would act as a rosin and make the brakes be more responsive.

Oh haha I wondered…

That makes more sense.

Useless in wet conditions. Makes your brakes no work.

You can always just use Coke, it makes your brakes alot more responcive but washes off in wet conditions, this also means you need to re apply it all the time though…

So it would be useless on a unicycle?

Thats brilliant! Probabley alot cheaper too.:wink: You don’t have to pay shiping every time you by it, otherwise it might not be cheaper.

Thanks to you, I went out and poured pop on my bike…:stuck_out_tongue:

HAHA. Now your bike with slowly corrode.

Haha I have only ever put it on my rims with just dipping my finger in coke then spinning the wheel, repeat a few times and they are typically good. Not to mention you dont waste a whole coke dumping it all over your bike