tapered Muni cranks

hey up,

i shall soon be looking to upgrade my B.E 150mm cranks to 170mm ones.

my typical riding is offroad but also want Bertha to able to be an all rounder, so urban and basic trials a must. I have a suzue hub, 24in combat halo rim and 3.0 gazz.

can anyone provide any help/ recomendations

i have been looking at getting the cheap alloy ones from unicycle.uk.com but would consider spending more money if it was worth it

ps i cant afford to get a profile hub so profiles are out of the discussion!

cheers dears

The first 24" uni I ever rode was Leo White’s, which I believe had 160 or 155mm cranks on. It was easier to get up hills than my 150s but presumably faster than 170s.

If I were looking for some new cranks, I might try and shop around to find some of those…


yeah thanks,

i guess 170’s could be to slow for general use, i’ll have to hunt for some in between or double my uni collection!!

how bout some of dan heatons?

excuse my newbie ignorance but what and where are those?

I bought a pair of the alloy 170mm cranks from Unicycle.uk.com and was very impressed with the price, quality and service. I fitted them to my 26 (a true 26, so not that different from a 24 with a 3 inch tyre) and found it slow and ungainly. Plenty of torque, but at the expense of responsiveness (responsivity? er…) and enjoyment. In the end, I put the 150s back on. I lost a little in the hill climbing/descending department, but got a more rideable uni.

That said, I’m now so used to 110s (on my 20 and 28) that the 150s make me feel like I’m riding a windmill. Perhaps it’s what you’re used to.

what= Dan Heaton’s (One of the stars of UNIVERsE if you haven’t seen it, and i highly recemend you do!) Crank

Where= On His Muni of course!

Look nice and beefy though

Errr… in a folder on your desktop, more like. Actually uploading the picture rather than linking to your hard drive might be slightly more useful… :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t patronize me!!! ahhhhhh fear!!! don’t be mean i’m not some computer wiz! how would i go round up loading them?!? (can you not see them?)

The IMG tag only works with a link that works from anywhere, eg. on a website such as the unicyclist.com gallery. The “Browse…” box below the “Your Reply” bit when posting will upload a picture to the forum for you.


thanks phil… man i’m dumb

dan crank.jpg

thanks lads

those look like the daddy
i guess there a custom job?

if the 170’s felt ungainly then perhaps i do need to hunt out something smaller or indeed not worry until i break the BE’s!

hey up Mike,

whats the uni scene like around Notts?

i’m origninally from Alfreton in Derbyshire so used to get over to Nottingham regularly until a few years ago