Tape 4 Cranks

Since last fall, i have been putting a double layer of hockey tape (black athletic tape) on the bottom of my cranks. I have found that this helps to grip when crank grabbing, and it protects my crank from scratching, and other damage. I was just wondering if anyone else does this, or something similar.

no, they grab on the pedals, not the cranks :slight_smile:

ps…i’m a cranker :frowning:

nope, I do pedal grbas mostly, and if im grinding and accidentaly hit the crank then i want it to be slick.

yeah, i don’t grind so that isn’t a problem for me:)

i can’t get the hang of pedal grabs. On higher climbs, i will catch the object with my pedal, but will then move to the crank to get the rest of the way up.

I never have a problem slipping on my cranks. Plus I like to have them without anything on them because I grind and also if I have to kind of shimmy a bit on the crank once I’m up there to get into a better position.

me neither

me either, they are so hard

i find that I get into them but then theres a fair chance i’ll fall. But ironicaly I’m learning to jump up from the pedal and not both.

I havent tried, or needed to, cause if im slipping, its just bad form on my part. =p

Specially seeing how I switched to SIF, and havent worked on crank or pedal grabs much with SIF yet, so it feels a little off each time now.

its mostly that i have a problem with having a nice shiney pair of cranks getting bashed up every time i want to get onto something much higher than my wheel. The grip thing only makes a difference when climbing metal.

I find crank grabs easy (but try to only do them on wooden objects to save my shiny cranks) and I can land just on the pedal but it just feels wrong when I go to jump up and back onto the tire so I normaly just lift the uni and slip the crank on then hop up onto the tire, if any on has any tips it would be great or is it just a matter of practice, practice, practice?

I find that pedal grabs are easier then crank grabs.
I can hop beter out off a pedal grab then out of a crank grab.
But thats mine opinion.
Just try it, when I wanted to learn pedal grabs, I landed it from the first try.
Not so hard for me at all.

Peter M

I will go out and try it later then, I just find it feels weird and when I go to hop onto the tire it just doesnt happen

The use I get from this same kind of tape is on my seat. Went a few times around the back (with the bumper off) where the kevlar has been ripping. Put the bumper over the tape to close in the end and tighten it all up. Works well, only did it once a week or 2 ago, hasnt ripped though yet. I allso used some on my handle where it is borke in half, works alright. It keeps the handle from pinching my skin while I am not waering gloves, tho the stickness and roughness of the tape is a huge blister factor.