Any Unicyclists in Tanzania in August 09?

Too bad - we just missed you. The Kenya/Tanzania Unicycle tour started in Nairobi and finished in Dar es Salaam in early July. Here is some basic info about the tour: http://escapeadventures.co.nz/unicycle-trips/unicycle-kenya-tanzania-2009

There are two members of the tour still in Africa for another week but in Madagascar doing Muni.

Here’s my diary (long) with photos: http://www.nhoover.com/africa.html - I am working on a photo gallery.

What styles of unicycling do you do?


What styles of unicycling do you do?


Styles? Transport.
I just ride; why complicate what is already quite a feat?
I also dabbled in Unihocky until we ran out of players.

An oter very nice uni tour Nathan after April Induni !!! Congratulations.