Tandem Unicycle

Anybody ever tried making one?

A bike doesn’t count.

yeah someone has, ask John Foss for the pic

Mr. Foss, may I see the picture?

Here is the link to the Unique Unicycles page. http://www.unicycling.org/btdt/unique.html Where you can find this picture. There was also one listed on ebay not to long ago.

Oh. I thought it would have 1.5 wheels, since a tandem bicycle has 3, which is 1.5 times as many.

Oh well, I guess that works.

I don’t think ‘tandem bicycle’ means what you think it means. It’s a bicycle built for two. As in ‘Daisy, daisy…’.

now that is cool :sunglasses:

Yeah yeah yeah, Hal 3000 and all that nonsense.

I figured that a unicycle built for two would have two wheels.

i think it was like this one.

Hey I drove THAT one, with a girl from Belgium. It was possible, but facing each other is a must.

But I remember knees would hit easily. Just like in the method of riding together one cycle in this clip. .
I could do that to with a girl from my block.

During his brief description of Claude Shannon’s life and achievements, my computer professor mentioned that Shannon once built a tandem unicycle. Unfortunately, no one at Bell Labs wanted to ride it with him :slight_smile:

Holy crap! Thanks for the link leo.

That guy wasnt even sweating at the end. :astonished:

Thanks, yes, they are one of my favourites. The evidence that unicyclists in circus can be cool.
There is another movie of them as well; this one was token on the cirque festival du demain in Paris. No suprise they won gold.

Main difference with riding “tandem” is that you know who is leading (the one who has contact with the pedals).
With the tandem in the picture of Jagur you don’t.
So, you have to discuss who’s leading before riding, and trust the other person.
Also in the clip you can see they realy hang far away from each other, which gives more room to recover things. On a tandem this is harder to do.

that would be a tandem bicycle, which also has two wheels.