Tandem Unicycle in Popular Mechanics (September, 2010)

Howdy all!
Popular Mechanics interviewed me as a “backyard genius” and did a photo shoot with me, Louise, and the tandem unicycle. It’s on page 86 of the September 2010 issue of Popular Mechanics. Check it out :slight_smile:


Cool, congrats. I’ll have to look for it.

Did you explain to them unicycling will never be “Popular?”


negativity isnt cool


do you get early access to the article?

agreed, and did anybody else notice that bondo has 768 posts…?

I know nothing of the magazine, but from a quick search it looks pretty big, and from what i’ve seen from you corbin, you do seem like a “backyard genius” :slight_smile:


I said cool…congrats, and made a joke.
see the smiley face!?

WTF are you talking about?
(sorry Corbin if it seemed anything but congratulatory.)

Uhm, then I wonder… why didn’t you never try it facing each other?

I tried that on this one:

…works much better, especially when you hold each others arms (the one with the arms under should ‘pull’ the other into the seat) and you should look eachother in the eyes.

I also tried it not facing each other, that was close to impossible to control, just like in the movie on your site.

LOL! Your kidding right? Did you see the photo in the magazine? We are facing each other on it, and they titled it “Balanced Marriage”.

Nice, who made it? That one will be much easier to ride, simply because the two riders are closer together. You get a lot less of the teeter-totter effect, and one person leaning left will not (as much) counteract another person leaning right. You also have more room to react; on mine, if one person leans a little too forwards or back, then the other person will start dragging the cog. These are the things that make it difficult to ride.

I hope to make a really ridable one, like the one you pictured, at some point…


No? Where can I find it? I only saw the video on your website.
But… facing each other, you now must have done better atempts than in that clip, right?

I think it was made by Semcycle, but am not sure.
I think even this one can be improved. What I discover when trieng it for a minute or 10 that holding each others underarm is the key to ‘succes’, without doing so it’s hopeless. I did something like 10 to 15 meter, no assitance at all (so nobody recorded it). If I can get the chanche I will try it again next month, and this time record it.


Awesome! Well done all the way around!


I got the joke. :smiley:

Popular? Mechanics?

Corbin, Congratulations, There’s your 15 minutes!

The September, 2010 issue of Popular Mechanics – which was the whole purpose of this thread :slight_smile:

I’m not sure which clips you are referring too – I have a few out there. But, it is very hard to ride. Many people have tried, as I had it sitting around at ugames for people to play with.


Thanks! I still could have never built the thing without the original inspiration from yours.

My biggest 15 minutes of fame was being on “Weird Homes” – a Canadian film crew filmed me for it back in the early 2000s when I lived in a treehouse. I think it is in re-runs on the Discovery Channel HD. (Busy Bees is the episode name, if any Canadians happen to remember it).


i did some searching for the weird homes video but had no luck. i found stuff about the show, but no video

I’ve wondered if Tak and I could ever ride a tandem unicycle. Unfortunately I think we’d have to have one built in order to ever have the opportunity.

It’s got to be weird . . .

That’s amazing Corbin… can’t wait to see the article. As a former Tandem racer, one of the things that I used to “smooth” the power to the wheel was to put the cranks 90degrees out of phase (so there are four distinct power “pulses” per crank rev). Are your cranks in phase or 90deg out? I would think that 90deg out of phase would be the best and make for a very smooth ride with a very straight tracking wheel

If we could ride the tandem any further than 10 feet, your suggestion might be helpful.

Unfortunately, this beast has yet to be tamed.

Yeah – I did swap them – not 90 degrees, but 180. So, when the front person is down stroking with their right leg, the back person is down stroking with their left. It definitely helped.

That’s a good idea to try them at 90.


Okay! They posted the article online now.