Tandem for sale...

In case you haven’t seen this: a uniclcye built for two is for sale…


Re: Tandem for sale…

Okay, what is the weight differential before it todders into the ground?
You know if one rider is say 250lbs and the other is 100lbs, can it still be
ridden with out the front or back scraping into the ground? It will act like
a teeder todder. So what is the weight differential before it todders out?
Or Teeders out?

Second, do both have to be able to ride a unicycle, or can a unicyclist
control it, and give the other person a ride?

I think these are fair questions.

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> In case you haven’t seen this: a uniclcye built for two is for sale…
> http://tinyurl.com/n7c0
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Too late. Muddycycle beat you to it. Yes I’ve seen it.
Tandem unicycle on ebay


It looks like the bidding for the tandem unicycle has ended at $305 without the reserve being met. That seems like a high reserve for a novity item, I’m thinking someone really didn’t want to sell it.
I think it would make a great plant stand.

i agree,i kept looking at the bids wondering if the reserve would ever get met.

i think they wanted to test e-bay with there strange item…

I really dislike/despise eBay reserve. The auction is now over, and we still don’t know what the seller’s minimum selling price.

But it doesn’t matter

I agree… I actually don’t even look at a lot of auctions because they have a reserve on them… I don’t want to waste my time analyzing a product to see if I want it when it is out of my price range anyway…

Fun thing to try to make, though. I saw a picture of one like it in I think david poznater’s online photo album. Only 1 person was riding it, though. They had their feet on the front pedals and their bum on the back seat.
I don’t know what the URL is.