Tampa Bay 10k

Need riders for a 10k ride at Clearwater, Florida. Route crosses 2 bridges at a 10% grade, scenic views and great weather. Event to take place on Feb 7 , 2009.

I might be up for that.

I might be in if I could acquire a larger wheel, what bridges are being ridden?

10k ride

Us Sarasasota riders John and I will probably be up for it.


Is this a race? Or just a social ride? I’d definitely be down for a ride. A race on the other hand… not sure my 24" Torker would be up for the task. Just moved to Tampa a few months ago, looking to get into the uni-scene around here. Any additional info you may have would be appreciated! :slight_smile:

Good question - I’m not up for a race either.
A social ride would be great, though.

Another question: I think this has been mentioned in a few different threads - is it 10k or 20k?

not a race

Origanly, he wanted to put on race, but is now I think it is a ride.


Do you have a date yet, some need some time to make plans.

Do any of you other Tampa Bay riders ride off road?
My freind Jon rides most sundays at either Alifia or Boyette. I ride with him sometimes.