Tamar Bridge Unicycle Resceduled

Calstock Uni clubs unicycle across the bridge was cancelled because of bad weather but it’s now been resceduled for this saturday other unicyclist are welcome to come along the more people the better!

Day/Date: Saturday 27th March

Time: 11am

Place: Saltash side of the bridge

Come along!

[Edit: corrected date]

Umm, err… March 25th is a Thursday… :thinking:

Incidentally, the Calstock Unicycle Club January Newsletter says BUC11 is at the end of May, but it’s in April! If it’s anything other than a misprint make sure people aren’t travelling the length of the country a month too late… :astonished:


Oh dear sorry!


can’t count :stuck_out_tongue:

Erm, is that saturday 27th or sunday 28th?


oh crud i’m really bad with dates i’m really sorry for alll this confustion it is THIS SATURDAY whatever date that is!

sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

Woohoo! I can make this one… :slight_smile:


cool i will no who you are this time Phil and say hi :wink: