Tamar Bridge Ride

Good turn out had about 19 people come along, didn’t rain this time! Nice to meet some people from the forum, North and Phil and Sarah,
Posted some photos up:

Setting off, photos first!


tamarunicycle 005 resized.jpg

we’re off!


tamarunicycle 014 resized.jpg

off again!

tamarunicycle 016 resized.jpg

whew made it…

tamarunicycle 024 resized.jpg

group photo at the end

tamarunicycle 025 resized.jpg

can’t see sarah in the last one so here’s another group one

tamarunicycle 029 resized.jpg

For more a photo story of the ride visit www.treepotato.com!

An excellent ride indeed, with a very good turnout!

'Twas a strange pub afterwards… other than our group the place was empty, and it felt very much like we were rudely interrupting the barman’s quiet saturday afternoon by buying drinks and food from him… :slight_smile:

My exercise for the day was riding up the really steep hill from the pub to the start of the bridge in one go. Cor, my legs!

The weather was good too; it appears to have been raining all day up here in Yeovil, two hours drive away.

Finally, in case anyone is wondering about the corpse in the middle of the path in one of the photos, it was just a photographer (one of two!) getting some photos in from a funny angle…



Thanks for clearing that up Phil I though they died and I looked for the uni but it wasnt there :astonished: I thought you ran down some one. haha

Re: Tamar Bridge Ride

On Sat, 27 Mar 2004 09:06:17 -0600, “treepotato” wrote:

>For more a photo story of the ride visit www.treepotato.com!
Where on the site?

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I wa hiding, I’m shy:-)

Damn, shame I missed it then I could of done some more miles on my muni + i would not of killed my toe and got a seat up my ass whilst doing trials in seaton!!! Then again i did improve my roling hops,crank grabs and hopping on to benches. Nice to see so many unicyclists in the area… MUNI some time soon sarah?

…yes the bartender looked like he had been drinking most of the bar and at any moment might drop dead

For a look at the online report of the Calstock unicycle clubs Tamar bridge ride take a look at


Its a very long address so you might need to cut and paste!

I havn’t got my pics on line yet. sorry.
If any one has a good clear pic that would look good in Black and White from the ride, could you let me know please?

What was the distance of this ride?

Distance depended on how many times you crossed the bridge, typicaly twice if you live in Cornwall, 4 times if you live anywhere else. Each crossing is about 1848 feet or 600m (ish) . So, no, not the longest ride in history, but for some of the riders who took part a real achievement to ride that far in one go with out falling off or taking a rest.


nice set of steps at the end… shame about the security guard…