Tallest (common) giraffe?

I know the world record (with safety equip, so i don’t really count THAT) for tallest giraffe was 101 feet.

Without safety equip - 30 something feet, I believe

What is the tallest ‘common’ giraffe?

9 footers?

anything a liitle taller?

Are these all custom jobs?

I think jamey mossengren’s red white and blue one is a 12, but separates into 3 pieces. He rides it in parades, juggles, one foot idles, goes backward, does spins and such without fear of falling, because he just doesnt get hurt when he does.

How does he manage that? Or is 12 feet tall enough to launch him onto the crowd, so giving him a soft landing?


Kit Summers said in his bool Juggling with Finnesse that he performed juggling torches on his homemade 14 foot giraffe. I guess that doesn’t count though.

I think jamey’s main attribute of non injury due to falling is a 50 inch inseam.