tall really tall

wondering if anybody knows of a manufacturer who makes 10-12 ft unicycles? I’m a street performer and want to go bigger. thanks

I’m not a very good person to answer this question seeing as I have very little knowledge about giraffes, buuuut I remember hearing somewhere that most unis over 5 feet are customs? I don’t know. Just something to keep in mind. Maybe try your LBS?

Don’t forget your parachute.

Pretty much anything under 5-6’ is handmade, or in very small batches. Not sure who to recommend these days, but as you’re in Seattle I would start by contacting the Panther Pride folks (based in North Bend) and see if they have anything for sale. If not, find out who made what they have, as some of it was probably made locally. Be prepared to spend custom $$ for a custom unicycle. The days of $10/foot went out with Bernard Crandall in the 1970s. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if Tom Miller is still making unicycles, but if he is, I’m sure he can make what you need.


Jamey Mossengren made a really tall one for street performing. You should talk to him.