Tall order

After reading and responding to a recent thread, I dug out the following picture. I look much better these days.

And here’s one where I’m not holding onto anything (except my lunch).

I take it you’ve walked on stilts a lot, given the height of those things! I kept scrolling down, they didn’t stop…

I thought the stilts at Jugglesoc here were high, but they’re nothing on those. They were however made of tubular metal, so probably lighter and stiffer too.

Phil, just me

Tall order


When I saw that first pic, Mike, I thought you’d been enlisted as the ground for that building’s lightning arrestor!


… but then I noticed the knot on your T-shirt.

<runs away>

i assume you have since learned that chinese stilts are best when they stop before your knee joint, alowing you to bend your leg.and best straped on with either loads of sticky tape or several wide velcro straps;)
and knee pads?

Personally, I like the green socks the best.

Yikes! I hadn’t seen them. I think it must have been some kind of automatic brain defence system or something.

Or maybe Terry Pratchett was right… the brain won’t see something that is so ridiculous as to be impossible. Bright green socks? Nah… must be a trick of the light. Right?


Phil, just me

A late survival from my Teddy boy days.

(For US readers: Teddy boys: rock and roll fashion originally from late 1950s, but revived periodically, including late 1970s. The full costume included fluorescent socks, thick crepe soled ‘brothel creeper’ suede shoes, tight (‘drainpipe’) trousers, and a long jacket in a style similar to that worn by Edwardian gentlemen (Edwardian… Edward… Ted… Teddy) as well as greased quiffed hair and bootlace tie. Looking back, I feel like today’s kids will feel in 25 years time… deeply ashamed in a nostalgic sort of way.)

Tall order

A bit of nostalgia:

Now that WAS before my time! Should have been ‘Edwardian style’ anyway…

Oh for the days when we had dress codes in English restaurants…